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Based on general public health recommendations, the objective of this protocol is to inform Divertigo Bromont customers of the recommended procedures to ensure safe services and in accordance with hygiene and social distancing measures aimed at limiting the spread of virus, and this, in green, yellow and orange areas.


General guidelines


1. Site access

Divertigo Bromont will ensure by asking each group or family arriving at its facilities:

1.1 To prohibit access to any person (worker, client, guest, etc.) who has received an isolation order from public health or their doctor or who has symptoms compatible with COVID-19.


1.2 That people who show symptoms of COVID-19, who are awaiting a result or who have received a positive result must adhere to the isolation instructions. They will not be able to participate in Divertigo Bromont's activities.


1.3 Likewise, people who are considered to be close contacts of a case of COVID-19 should adhere to the isolation instructions that apply. They will not be able to participate in Divertigo Bromont's activities.


1.4 In the event of the development of symptoms or the probable declaration of a Covid case, a clear protocol on the management of a person is known to all employees on site and the necessary protective equipment will also be available at the office. The protocol will include:


  • Checking the list of Covid-19 symptoms;
  • Confirmation of symptoms made by the employee in place;
  • Have the person wear a quality medical procedure mask;
  • Isolate this person in the section provided for this purpose (near the water tank);
  • Call 1-877-644-4545 for instructions;
  • Monitor the person;
  • Plan for transport to the home as soon as possible, if necessary, respecting the instructions received in advance.


2. Characteristics of the site

            Participants reception area

2.1 Before entering the reception desk, a large outdoor waiting area will be set up and specially identified with cones to provide the necessary distance between bubble groups or families.


2.2 All operating instructions for the games as well as the various regulations will be given outside the reception desk to people present in this outdoor reception area.


2.3 Participants will be invited to complete the liability release form directly from their electronic device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.). Only in exceptional cases where a participant would not have access to an electronic device, the latter would be invited to use the Divertigo Bromont tablet to complete the form. In this very specific case, the tablet would be disinfected before and after use by the participant.


2.4 Customers will have access to the reception desk only to pass through and join the fenced play area. Except for this short move, participants will stay outside at all times.


Participants preparation area (dressing and undressing)

2.5 The preparation of participants for the games will be done by bubble group or by family.


2.6 Outdoor tents specially identified for dressing or undressing participants will be made available to ensure the integrity of bubble groups or families.


2.7 The participants undressing area will also serve as an equipment disinfection area.


Gaming zone (aerial course module)

2.8 As such, there can't be any special layout to be made in the course. To ensure viable natural distancing, Divertigo Bromont has reduced its capacity in games to 40 people. The client reception calculation according to public health recommendations will normally allow us to consider 55 people.


2.9 Divertigo Bromont employees will be responsible for ensuring that physical distancing in games is respected at all times.


3. Hygiene and cleaning


3.1 All employees are instructed to wash their hands on arrival and departure from work, after touching frequently touched surfaces, before and after breaks and meals, when touching their face and when going to work. bathroom.


3.2 The distribution of helmets and harnesses to participants will be carried out by 1 single employee who will be specially dedicated to this task. This person should perform hand hygiene before and after handling.


3.3 During an intervention where physical distancing with a participant is not possible, the employee must wear a protective mask and protective glasses (or visor) and the duration of close contact must not exceed 15 cumulative minutes without personal protective equipment (e.g.: checking safety equipment, first aid intervention, assistance, etc.).


3.4 Each employee will have their own personal protective equipment (gloves, rescue equipment)


3.5 Each employee will wear the procedure mask at all times, which will be changed approximately every two hours.


3.6 A register will be signed by each employee upon arrival to validate the non-presence of Covid symptoms as well as no contact with an infected person.



3.7 As soon as they arrive in the participants reception area, hand disinfection stations will be available to them. During the welcome speech given to participants by Divertigo Bromont, they will be invited to use the disinfection stations.


3.8 Since it is not possible to disinfect the entire module after each use by groups of participants, hand disinfection stations will be installed inside the gaming module at strategic locations. Participants will be encouraged to use these stations on a regular basis during their activity.


3.9 Hand disinfection stations will also be available when participants leave once the activity is completed.

3.10 As requested by public health, participants should wear a face cover during the activity. Procedural masks will also be available as needed at a low cost.

3.11 The release of liability form completed by participants will serve as a record of assistance with the activity and may be used to communicate with you in the event that we need to trace back a Covid case report.



3.12 Divertigo will promote the adjustment of the equipment by the participant under the supervision of the employees.

3.13 The equipment (helmets and harnesses) is disinfected after each use. The equipment then undergoes a quarantine period to ensure optimal disinfection. The disinfection area is identified to ensure that clean equipment does not mix with that to be disinfected.

3.14 Equipment is also rotated to ensure the longest possible non-use time and thus ensure optimal disinfection.

3.15 Protective gloves for the hands will be made available to participants. These gloves will be used only once and will then be put aside to be washed. However Divertigo encourages participants to bring their own gloves to do the activity.


Chemical toilet

3.16 A disinfectant gel is available near the toilet to allow participants and employees to disinfect their hands before and after using the toilet.

3.17 The toilets are cleaned frequently daily (2-3 times a day) and are emptied once a week. However, it is the responsibility of the users to use the gel cleanser before and after use to ensure proper hygiene in the area.



3.18 Posters reminding employees of the importance of hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and physical distancing are placed in strategic locations to remind the importance of these measures.

These measures are effective depending on the situation as of May 1, 2021. Since the situation is constantly evolving, this document could be modified at any time without notice. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions by calling 450-830-2386.